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Put together your own CME River Conference on your custom dates

Does the idea of a private or customized river conference for your business colleagues, special interest group, or organization sound appealing? CME River Conferences is more than happy to put together your own CME River Conference on your custom dates and make all the arrangements that fit your needs. Choose one of our programs in our catalogue or another worldwide river destination of interest, and we can discuss the best time of year, trip leaders, seminars, accreditation, accommodations, and custom itineraries. Special travel discounts are available for group travel.


Group numbers vary per trip so please call for details. If you have a small group and are interested in increasing your numbers, with your permission, we can open your tour to the general public by advertising your tour date as a regularly scheduled CME River Conference date of departure.  Groups also have the option of reserving a block of cabins on our scheduled cruise departures—if they are not interested in investing in a full ship charter.



Many organizations and groups choose to use this opportunity as a fundraiser, educational seminar, as a way to stimulate group or organizational cohesiveness, or to facilitate a group of colleagues seeking a great time. We take care of all logistical details, including:


  • Customized CME course development and accreditation.

  • Development and publishing of your own personalized tour website just for your group and tour.

  • Marketing material development and processing, including customized flyers and post cards.

  • Professional personalized e-newsletter and e-blast tour updates to all your members.

  • CME River Conference customer service including taking care of all registration and phone support through our offices; giving peace of mind and letting you have the time you need only to promote this opportunity to your members.


CME River Conferences develops and runs the program for the group, supplying the organization with a net price per person. The group or organization then decides on the final price of the tour with proceeds to be used at the client’s discretion. In most cases, the participants can use the tours as a tax deduction.


Call us for more information. If you would like more information on a particular destination, detailed itineraries are available upon request. For groups, let us know which of our destinations are of interest and a destination specialist will be happy to put together a detailed tour proposal.


Telephone 800-923-2645 or 206-395-2332

or email

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