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Learn more about CME River Cruises

Q:  Why is the CME River Cruise different than other CME conferences or CME cruises? 


A:  The CME River Cruise is very unique because the venue is different than your standard conference setting usually held in a large city at a hotel. 


Since the entire vessel is dedicated to our CME program it allows for a more intimate interaction and collaboration between attendees and the conference faculty.  Most often, when in larger hotel venues, or cruise ships these opportunities are lost. 


Additionally, rather than just visiting one city of a conference, attendees of the CME River Cruise will have the opportunity to visit different cities through-out the trip as part of our program.  Learning takes place on-board during the morning with tours scheduled during the afternoons and evenings.  The program was designed so that ample time is allotted for case-based presentations, but attendees have plenty of time to have cultural experiences at our ports of call.   


Q:  What category credit will I receive? 


A:   All attendees of the conference will receive maximum of 19.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.  Nursing or advance practitioner attendees will receive credits but are calculated differently for these professions by the specific departments. 


Q:  Who provides the accreditation? 


A:  The Danube October 2018 conference was accredited by the University of Washington CME office.  We had to go through extensive evaluations and reviews to get the approval. Other accrediting organizations can also accredit this CME but we chose the University of Washington because of the faculty course chairs. 


Q:  Will there be pharma/industry exhibitors?  If so, how do they interact with conference attendees? 


A:  No. This is a non-commercially sponsored conference.


Q:  This seems such a luxury for a CME 


A:  Yes and no.  The overall cost for a CME conference trip can cost up to $6000 per person (air, lodging, meals, registrations, etc) for a week.  For example, if a CME conference is held in Hawaii, most attendees bring their spouse or family members with them to take advantage of the unique location and tie-it in with a little vacation.  At the end of this trip, you’re looking at spending close to $10,000.   

The CME River Cruise will cost almost the same as the Hawaii trip – except you’re in Europe visiting different cities on an a luxury all physician chartered river boat, reserved jut for us.  The cruise cost (not including the $695 registration for the confernce) is all-inclusive (all meals, education, touring and activities).  


Q:  I work for pharma/industry, can I attend the CME also? 


A:  Yes, but you will need to register separately for the conference.  


Q:  How many attendees do you expect? 


A:  We expect about 80 – 100 people.  The ship can hold up to 160 guests. 


Q:  Can I bring my spouse or friend or other family members?  If yes, will they be bored on the ship while I’m attending the conference? 


A:  Yes.  There will be activities and touring available for your spouse, friend or family members that can participate in during conference times.   


Q:  Where can I get more information? 


A:  You can view our 2018 Danube Getaway or email us at: 

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