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What to Expect on a CME River Cruise

CME River conferences bring together top performing physicians to share their findings in the field of medical research with the aim to apply such practices in patient-centered care. Medical education cruises are for doctors who want to continue their education and refine the fields they practice in. On this river cruise, we bring practicing health care professionals to some of the best medical conference destinations such as Beijing, Copenhagen, and London to attend lectures and forums.

Here are some things to expect on CME River Conferences:

Useful Tips

The lecturers will give you a plethora of good ideas that you need to take note of, so set the goals of learning a few good practices that you see can benefit your institution when implemented. It is unlikely that you will be able to implement all the inputs, so take note of the important ones.

As health care professionals, our goal is to be basically problem-solvers. On this river conference, you will be taught the best practices for the most pressing challenges and situations in your field that you may find yourself in. Expect to share your experiences and listen to plenty of input from other physicians. There will be plenty of informative discussions, and plenty of questions will be asked.


You will grow your network by attending CME River Conferences. Be sure to attend one of the conferences sponsored social events. Not only is the event informative, but it's also enjoyable and a great time to make friends, not just connections.

Remember that this is also a travel opportunity. Yes, the goal is continuing education, but that doesn't mean that this medical conference is a boring one. We have a half-day dedicated to learning and the other dedicated to having a good time. There are plenty of activities prepared outside of the lectures and discussions. After the daily tasks and scheduled talks, you have the option to tour the cities you will dock at or join in on the festivities of the evening’s events.

If you're a practicing health care professional, who wishes to continue your education and refine your technique in the field your working in, book a spot in CME cruises for physicians. We are the only all medical CME dedicated river conference. Feel free to contact us for more information; we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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