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Mistakes Novice Travelers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Professionals in the medical industry often work so hard that they’ve got no time to plan, let alone go on vacation. The schedules can get so hectic, what with the cases that come every day and the unexpected emergencies.

On top of that, clinicians even have to earn their CME credits. This is where going on medical CME cruises becomes that two-in-one solution. It's now easier for doctors to earn their CME credits while seeing the world.

Traveling again after a long time of just working can be a challenging adjustment. You could be making mistakes right from planning the trip and not know it. Traveling should be a good time to embrace new experiences, not another weekend full of worries. In hopes of avoiding travel anxiety, here's a list of mistakes you should watch out for.


Planning a vacation is exciting. It's as thrilling as going on the trip itself. Amateur travelers, however, make the mistake of over-planning. They fill their itineraries with so many destinations that the entire list looks overwhelming.

Making the most out of every getaway is understandable, but if it will only burn you out, how is it better than the pressures you experience every day? Going from one place to another so much could take so much time and energy.

Plus, if you jam it all in within the docking schedule of the ship, you might find yourself running late. If you're planning to go on a self-guided tour on shore, be realistic about your plans.

Amateur travelers also tend to overpack. Ideally, your luggage for a cruise should be considerably lighter. Some places, like most of Europe, have very compact spaces. Being away from home is to be on-the-go. That means packing smart and packing light.


The deep end of the other side of this planning spectrum is just as bad as its counterpart. People who go on cruises often make the mistake of under-planning. Yes, the trip is planned ahead for you, but it wouldn't hurt if you did a little planning yourself.

If you end up underestimating the destinations you would go to and forget to pack a semi-formal outfit, you may not be allowed to go on certain places. Many places don't let people into tourist attractions because they're not dressed for it. The cathedrals you can find in Europe, are great examples. So pack accordingly.

It's standard cruise ship procedure, so to speak, to pack at least one light, one waterproof, and one smart casual outfit. Plan and pack appropriately, and everything should be fine.

Doing it for the 'Gram

Travelers these days find it hard to experience the culture of places they visit because they are so busy just looking at sights and sharing it on social media. They take so much time documenting their destinations that they miss out on the true joy of traveling which is the experience.

It's okay to share your adventures on social media, but don't let it get in the way of your adventures. Get into activities that make you feel like a local for a day. Traveling is good for you, make the most out of it by using the time to embrace new experiences.

This point also goes for the activities on the ship. Make the most out of every lecture, and every opportunity by connecting with people. Don't be afraid to put the camera down and experience the trip first hand. There are experiences out there for you that only you can experience, these are things no one in social media can share. Go on, eat local food, take the local public transport, connect with locals. Take the time to have a legitimate adventure.

Going on a medical cruises made it all possible for you to earn your CME credits and see the world at the same time. If you have a sense of adventure, you'll find yourself smiling about the things you did, and you'll look forward to more in the future. These cruises change their destinations and chosen attractions every now and then for you to experience new things every time.

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